Expansion of Modul machines

With the new Modul 170 we have closed the gap between the Modul 130 and the Modul 220.

The Modul series comprises fast, flexible, one-color pad printing machines. The pad can be easily positioned in XYZ direction with the help of a user-friendly touchscreen. The printing sequence can be freely defined with simple-to-learn graphic programs. The cliché can comprise several print motifs instead of only one. Moreover, the ink take-up can be repeated to allow for more complete prints in one single work step. By selecting the most suitable print motif for an article, setup time and the quantity of clichés can be reduced.

The Modul machines can be ordered as standalones or as part of a system. Several Modul machines can be combined in one system which can be operated over a central display. As a result, the machine data is saved in one single location. Settings that are saved from one Modul, can be moved or even copied to another Modul unit.

All Moduls are equipped with an Ethernet interface. The machine parameters can be saved with PC software or automatically over an internal SPS control onto the local server. Remote access allows to rectify any problems directly and to upload software updates onto the machine.

As an option, the Moduls can be accessed with real-time Ethernet (e.g. EtherCAT). As a result, a higher-ranking control can be used to select programs and control signals and operating parameters.

As a further option, all Moduls can be upgraded with a barcode scanner with which the appropriate printing sequence can be selected. This reduces setup times and simplifies work steps.

In addition, the print article can now be printed all over with the help of one- or two-axes rotary devices.

All standalones are equipped with two tool ports. This makes it much easier for the customer to mount his own print good pick-up systems. Several options are available: sensors recognizing the goods, vacuum units with monitoring systems, pneumatic retainers or pneumatic shuttles and rotating units.

The Modul machines are available in different sizes. The standard Modul 130 is suitable for ink cups with diameters of 86mm and 120mm, the Modul 220 of 180mm and 200mm, while the new Modul 170 comes with cups with diameters of 140mm and 160mm.