Our MS Series comes now with exciting new part-handling features

Our flexible, pneumatically operated MS series stands out due to its versatile range of operation and its user-friendly handling. We have now expanded all MS printers to include a very interesting part-handling system, which allow for even more efficient operation. We would like to take this opportunity and present our new system below:

MS Series with new part-handling

Electric Pad Shifting System

The electric pad shuttle allows you to move the object infinitely in one direction. Depending on your needs and with the respective assembly, you can shift the parts in Y or X direction. The shifting in X direction is typically employed in multi-color print. The Y shift, however, is used together with a multi-color pad shift. The combination allows the printing of several products at the same time. With the electric pad shuttle, you can define and save up to six printing positions in X and Y direction using the monochrome touch display. These combinations are most frequently used in injection molding machines, which make several, even different parts, which are then printed in line.

Electric Rotating Device

With our electric rotating device, you can turn the print object infinitely around an axis. The exact positions can be specified and saved over the display. The MS 130, which is used for single-color printing, allows the print of identical pictures around a print object. In combination with the pad shifting system, you can print up to six different images on one part.

Pneumatic Unwinding

The pneumatic unwinding device is employed for printing cylindrical print objects. During print transfer the pad remains in the down position, while the print object moves and turns simultaneously under the pad. With this method you now can use the MS series and print the images much further around the object than would be possible with a regular pad printer.

You can configure your printer according to your personal needs: all three new part-handling features are available as options and can be ordered as modules.

To simplify the handling of the many electrically adjustable and storable positions, we have even included an uncomplicated application administration in our MS printer software. This allows you to store up to 50 personal applications.

With all these new options, the MS Series has proven once again that it lives up to its reputation as a versatile, user-friendly printer for sophisticated parts.

Have we piqued your interest? Please contact one of our reps, should you have further questions about the MS series or if you want more information on our other products. Our staff will gladly answer all of your queries. We can also provide a free offer without any obligation.

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