Safety Cell with Rotary Indexing Table

Safety at the workspace should be your priority. We recommend the use of safety cells not only for large pad printing machines but also for smaller units. As part of our range of products we offer standardizes safety cells with numerous quality features, like the newly introduced rotary indexing table.

Safety Cell with Rotary Indexing Table and ML500 pad printer

Our new safety cell with rotary indexing table is perfectly in line with the printing processes: The rotary indexing table can be adjusted in height so that you can set it to accommodate your individual print items. Depending on your requirements, you can order the rotary indexing table with double or quadruple sections. The quadruple section has the advantage that you can pretreat the print item in the safety cell and even let it dry there. This saves time and space. Two light barriers ensure the safety of your staff. The first barrier is located between the operator and the rotary indexing table. If the light barrier is interrupted, the emergency stop is triggered, and the table stops turning. If the rotary indexing table does not move, the second barrier ensures safety while loading new print parts into the machine.

The safety cell with rotary indexing table has another essential advantage as it allows changing the print items during the printing process. This allows you to process larger quantities at the same time, resulting in an increase of capacity.

During the entire research and development process, we made sure that all of our safety cells, regardless if with normal or rotary indexing tables, are tailored to your particular needs. Both designs have height-adjustable tables. When loading the print items in the front section of the machine, the light barrier guarantees the safety of your employees. The machine recognizes when a new item has been loaded and starts the printing process automatically. Safety cells without rotary indexing tables can be optionally equipped with a second light barrier. This will save you even more time, as you can load new parts while the last cleaning cycle is still active.

The printers can be accessed by the doors on the left and right-hand side.

We even made sure that the safety cells are simple to clean: The doors are made of tempered safety glass and can be easily cleaned with standard thinner. The cell has very few edges and recesses, which makes the cleaning process even simpler.

Our safety cells are designed to save you space, time, and money while increasing safety at the workspace. We carry various safety cells in our standard range of products so that we can offer them at a very competitive price.


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