Smart with Rotary Device

The pad printing machine Smart is now also available with a pneumatic rotary device for printing. When used together with a three-ink device, the Smart can now, for example, print articles with one color on one side and two color on the other – all in one single work step.

Smart 250 3color pad printer with turning device

Smart 250

The Smart series can be equipped with a two- or three-color pad shuttle. In combination with the new pneumatic rotary device, the Smart is capable of printing almost all imaginable variations. The different print images can be distributed over the front and back side in any way desired. Alternatively, the same print image can be printed on both sides with the maximum number of color inks.

The new rotary device allows the customer to select between multi-color prints with a single pad or pad combinations. The multi-color print with a single pad is preferred for print areas that are hard to access.

The Smart series is now also obtainable with a safety cage in form of a table model or a stand. This safety cage can be equipped with a light barrier or two-hand release.

In addition, the Smart series software was recently updated. It now includes an extensive error recognition system, several new set-up aids, and additional language options.