The viscosity of the ink is extremely important for the print. With an open system you have to stop the printing process every 30 to 40 minutes to dilute the ink. With a closed system this interval is much longer, but even here the thinner evaporates through the movement of the cup on the cliché. The Viscomat measures the viscosity of the ink in the cup and adds automatically thinner to the ink as needed. By doing so the ink’s viscosity is kept stable and print errors can be prevented.

Pad cleaning
Pads may become soiled with ink, with dirt from the part to be printed or by attracting dust particles from the air. Therefore a pad must be cleaned from time to time. By using an automatic pad cleaning you no longer have to stop the machine. Pad cleanings used big systems guarantee less scrap.

Pad cleaning tape control
The cleaning tape is monitored to stop the unit and signal the user that he needs to react.

Parameter can be saved
With these pad printers you can save the parameters of printing jobs and retrieve them for later production.

Print Control
Print Control is a software program used to save and back-up all print orders of a pad printing machine on a PC. If needed the print orders can be accessed and loaded back into the printer.