Printing processes

Single-color Printing
A single-color print refers to the transfer of one print image from cliché to print object. It is the simplest type of printing and included in every basic pad printer.

2-color Printing
In a 2-color print you can transfer two images via cliché. One image after the other is printed on the print object. This type of printing requires a 2-position Pad Shuttle or a 2-position Shuttle Table.

Multi-color Printing
In a multi-color print the cliché transfers several print images. This type of printing requires a multi-position Pad Shuttle or a multi-position Shuttle Table.

Selective Printing
In a selective print you can find several print images on one cliché. With the help of an interface you can select a higher-level control to choose the desired print image.

Sequence Printing
In sequential printing the print order can be freely selected. The cliché can have several print images which are transferred to freely selected positions on the print object.

The order of printing is predetermined graphically:

Then you can set the XYZ position for each step: