Pad printing machines overview

microPrint - Smart line
Smart 250 pad printer The Smart line is an inexpensive pad printing machine for manual use. It is a manageable machine for large and small series in advertising printing.
microPrint - LCN line
LCN131 pad printer The LCN line includes ideal pad printing machines to integrate into entire pad printing installations. Due to its compact construction they can be used in very tight spaces. With the help of a machine base they can also be used manually as stand-alones.
microPrint - MS line
MS350 pad printer The MS line is a conventional machine Serie with all the modern features, such as automatic viscosity control and cliché temperature regulation. With pneumatic drive.
microPrint - MSS line
MSS350 pad printer The MSS line are pad printing machines with swivel heads needed for horizontal prints.
microPrint - 5Star line
5Star pad printer The 5star line are multi-color pad printing machines, for which only one print retainer is needed. Due to extensive programming options and units, you can complete even very complex printing tasks.
microPrint - Module line
Modul130 pad printer All parameters, including the correction of the print positioning, can be accessed via the touch screen. Several machines can be controlled with one touch screen. This allows the tool free setup of one machine or even an entire facility with several modules through a single touch screen. All parameters can be saved and re-accessed.
microPrint - ML line
ML350 pad printer Pad printing machines with programmable print positioning. Linear or servomotor driven. You can access and print different pictures with this machine. Primary used in flexible production areas.
microPrint - Customer-specific machines
Selecta160 pad printer If you cannot find a suitable machine among our standard pad printers, we can develop and manufacture customer-tailored printing machines.