5Star Line

The 5star line are multi-color pad printing machines, for which only one print retainer is needed. Due to extensive programming options and units, you can complete even very complex printing tasks.


  • Closed inkwell system
  • Pad cleaning
  • Mechanically adjustable positions
  • Automatic ink thinners
  • Digital interfaces

Introduction movie:


5star pad printer

Printing capacity (Colors-Parts): 1-2500/hr, 2-1000/hr, 5-580/hr
Printing force:max. 1100N
Drive:pneumatic & servo motor
Air consumption:265 l/min
Compressed air supply:5–6 bar (87 psi)
Control system:PLC Siemens
Main voltage:110–240V / 50–60Hz
Cliché size open system:-
Cliché size closed system:max. 130 x 250mm
Cliché thickness:0.5/10mm
Number of colours:1-5
Data sheet in PDF:5Star