Customer-specific machines

If you cannot find a suitable machine among our standard pad printers, we can develop and manufacture customer-tailored printing machines.

Here is a small selection of customer-specific pad printing machines:


This machine comes with special software which was developed to write texts. Small pads select the respective letters from the alphabet which is recessed into the cliché. Linear motors are used for XYZ positioning and the up and down pad movements. The cliché operates pneumatically. The base machine is equipped with Viscomat connections and pad cleaning.

The LCN86L is a fast-speed two-color pad printing machine. Each two-color print takes less than 2 seconds.
It is the first machine to use linear motors for all movements. All positions can be set using the touch screen. The X position is adjusted through position of the cliché, the Y position through the two-color pad shuttle.

Complete new development according to customer specification
This machine had to fit into a predefined space. With the help of a communication interface you can access any 6 images which are located in two different colors on the cliché. In addition, you can change jobs using the interface. With the help of a color sensor, the machine checks that the correct color was selected. A linear motor is used for positioning. Clichés and pad stroke operate pneumatically.