Pad printing systems overview

microPrint - Portal Line
The Portal Machine comes with a parts retainer which is positioned under the different working stations. It operates using a linear motor. You can integrate pre-treatment, drying, laser labelling and many other systems into the unit. As an option, the parts retrainer can also be rotated enabling the most complex printing applications. XY positioning allows several images to be positioned under one cup. The working sequence can be programmed freely. Programming is intuitively and displayed graphically.
microPrint - Network machines
Network machines are used by customers who want to build their own system and need several pad printing machines. A network machine comprises a display, a power box and several pad printers. The display can be used to set up all printers. Due to the fact that the control is centralized, a pad printing job can be saved and accessed at a later time.
microPrint - Rotary table Line
Due to their simple mechanics, rotary tables are very robust and reliable solutions for prints with 1 to 4 printing stations. Pre- and post-treatment, rotating, loading and unloading stations can be added - the choice is completely yours. All printing stations can be used in any of our standard pad printers.
microPrint - Transfer carre Line
The transfer carre technology allows the use of 4 to 10 print stations in the smallest of spaces. This solution is suited if you have many print designs and high volume. Of course, pre- and post-treatment, rotating, loading and unloading stations can be integrated as well. All of our ML and MS units and many other modules can be used as print stations.
microPrint - Transfer linear Line
The transfer linear line is a system using plates. The plates are transported from one printing station to the next. At the end of the machine process, a lift moves the plates one level down from where they are transported back. At the beginning of the machining process, another lift moves the plates upwards. One advantage of this system is the easy access to the machines modules. Moreover, the numer of holders can be varied. One single holder is enough for trial runs and small orders. Additional plates can be added, depending on the desired speed. Pre- and post-treatment, rotating, loading and unloading stations can be installed as well.